डेब्यू वनडे में 99 रन पर आउट होने वाला दुनिया का एकमात्र बल्लेबाज नाम जा...

For any batsman, his first match, i.e., the debut match is very special. Every player wants to give the best performance in his debut match. There are very few batsmen in one-day cricket who have done their 100th ODI century. But they have also seen less such unfortunate batsmen who missed out on making a century in their first match and were victims of nineteen.

Stephen Floming

The former New Zealand captain, Flamingo, organized his ODI career against India on 20 March 1994. In this match they presented a spectacular batting specimen. But unfortunately he was out on 90.

Phil Jacques

Australia's Phil Jacques is another cricketer who missed the century in ODI cricket in a debut match. Jacques on 20 January 2006 Having played his match against Africa, he batted brilliantly. He scored 94 runs from 112 balls, leaving only six runs away from making the century.

S.P. Patil

Despite being not out of UAE's power, he could not complete his century. In fact, pursuing the target in a match played at Scotland on February 1, 2014, he scored 99 runs in 99 balls with a superb batting. He was just 1 run away from his century.

Ian Morgan

Ian Maran now plays for England. But this record was made by playing on behalf of the Republic of Ireland. Margan made his ODI career debut on behalf of the 2006 Ireland team. In August 2006, he scored 99 runs off 127 balls against Scotland, 7 fours and a six. He missed a hundred from his century in unfortunate manner.