जिस बॉलीवुड विलेन से डरती थी सभी एक्ट्रेस उसे ही दिल दें बैठी ये एक्ट्रे...

One of the best films in Bollywood is made. There is a villain along with heroes in those films. If these films are heroes and there is no villain then no one would like to see these films. Therefore it is also necessary to have villains in movies with heroes. Today, we will tell you about a villain from Bollywood movies who were afraid of all Bollywood actresses.

The villain we are talking about His name is Ranjit. Ranjit's real name was Gopal Bedi. But he changed his name to films like Gopal Bedi and kept Ranjit. It was named Ranjeet by superstar Sunil Dutt. Ranjit started his career in Bollywood with the movie 'Sawan Bhadon' in which he played the character of Bollywood Actress Rekha.

After this he worked in several films. The people liked his acting in these films. Let us tell you that Ranjit has worked in more than 500 films. In the film industry, he has a record of over 350 raped scenes recorded on the screen.

Let me tell you that Bollywood's villains were afraid of all the Bollywood actresses, but there was an actress who was also a celebrity of every act of Ranjit. He was sitting on his heart. His name was Simple Kapadia. But the same thing was not coming to Simpel Kapadia's brother-in-law, Rajesh Khanna. There was also a fight between Rajesh Khanna and Ranjit about simple Kapadia.