KBC 10 की पहली करोड़पति बिनीता जैन को कुल इतना रुपया टैक्स के रूप में दे...

KBC 10 has got its first millionaire as Binita Jain. He has won a total of 10 million rupees by answering 15 of the 16 questions and is now playing the question of seven crore with Big B. However, it has not been clear yet whether Binita Jain succeeded seven million as many as possible. Well this is a different thing, today I will tell you how much the content of Rs 1 crore in KBC has to be paid as tax.

 The amount won through any reality show or lottery has to show income from other sources. If you talk about income tax, then you have to pay 30 per cent of the money received from Income from Other Sources, under Section 115BB, and the tax and surcharge on this tax is different. If someone's prize money is above 50 lakh then it is ten percent and if the prize money is above 10 million, then it will have to pay fifteen percent surcharge. If you talk about Cess, then income tax and surcharge can be cess of 3 percent. The income tax rule is applicable to all the money that is won through reality shows.
If you talk about one crore rupees of KBC, thirty percent of one crore, that is, thirty lakh rupees will be directly taxed. Now, if the prize money is more than fifty lakh rupees then it will take a surcharge of 10 percent, surcharged always calculate according to the amount of income tax, here the amount of income tax is three lakhs and accordingly it will be surcharge of three lakh rupees. Now let's talk cecs
According to the tax, surcharge and income tax, three percent of three lakh rupees ninety thousand rupees and surcharged three lakh rupees three percent is nine thousand. Now if you talk about the total tax payable, then it is twenty-three lakh ninety nine thousand. If it is subtracted from one crore, then the participant gets a net amount of Rs. 8 lakhs a thousand rupees.