पाकिस्तानी नागरिकों की बीवियों पर चीन ने जमाया कब्जा अब कर रहे है ऐसी हरकत

You must have heard many news in which you must have seen that if a person's wife is going to run away with another person, then someone is leaving her wife and going to another woman's peril. Among the reports, there is also a news from Pakistan that is very shocking. Tell you that the men of Pakistan have accused the Chinese government that China has forcibly seized their wives and they are not letting them return home.

Let us tell you what is the whole thing

The fact is that the citizens of Pakistan are always traveling to China for their livelihood, because China is a very good friend of Pakistan. Nobody thought that China would do such a thing with its own friend, that is, Pakistan. According to Fox News, China has seized the passports of children and children of all Pakistani citizens and kept them hostage in Xinjiang Province of China, where Uighurs are Muslims. Now these Pakistani citizens are trying to join the government of both countries to meet their wives and children that the government has liberated them from there but they are not croaking on the ears of the government.

Pakistani victim Mirza Imran Baig told that, "My wife is a Uyghur of Chinese origin Muslim. My Begum Malika Mamatei went to China in May 2017 and has not returned since then. I am yearning to meet my wife and children and I am cutting through the embassy. "

Another victim, Mian Shahid Ilyas, said that my wife Xinjiang had gone to China in April last year and has not returned since then. He said, "At present, there are at least 38 such Pakistanis, whose wife is not returning from China's Xinjiang Province. They have been made hostage forcibly and are not being allowed to return to the family.

Let us tell you that China has adopted a very rigid attitude towards Muslim citizens from the very beginning. There the force is sent to the Forced Educational camp where they are taught patriotism. What has been confirmed by many international organizations is that in the name of change of mind in China, Muslims are vowed to lobby for forced membership of the party and write articles to maintain a critical attitude towards their religious beliefs. So that they can be loyal to the Chinese government.