भीगे हुए चने खाने के बाद कभी ना करें इन चीजों का सेवन वरना हो सकती है यह...

Everyday people exercise excessive gram after after exercise and other physical exertion. Because the consumption of gram after soaking is very effective for our body. Because there are many nutrients present in it that are beneficial for our body. Due to which the body starts getting energy. By which our body seems to be strong and strong. But if you consume some things immediately after the soaked gram then it can lead to a chronic illness in your body that proves to be very harmful for our body.

Therefore, today we will tell you about the two diseases which will be very harmful to our body after consumption of gram. Friends, in today's post we will tell you what things should not be consumed by forgetting after eating gram or gram, otherwise it can be a disease.

1. We should never forget even after consuming ghee. Because vinegar is used in the conduct. When we meet with soaked gram in our body, the reaction starts happening. Which seems to be very dangerous for our body. Due to which our body starts having white spots.

2. Karele's vegetable should never be used immediately after the consumption of gram gram. Because the properties of the oxide are present in both of them. By doing this in the body, there is a problem of reaction like this in our body, due to which many diseases occur in our body which is very dangerous for our body.