नाना पाटेकर ने तनुश्री दत्ता पर किया पलटवार पूछा ऐसा सवाल के हुयी हवा टाइट

Many Bollywood stars have come in support of actress Tanushree Dutta. But Nana Patekar told Tanushree's charge incorrectly in an interview with a news channel. During this time, Nana has once again repelled Tanushree. Nana Patekar, busy in shooting the house-full 4 talking to a news channel, said that when he reached Mumbai he would answer the questions to the media.

Nana Patekar said that, "I am currently shooting in HouseFull 4 in Jaisalmer and when I return to Mumbai on October 8, I will organize a press conference. There you can ask me anything. I want to answer my questions by mixing my eyes with the camera. You can ask me anything in this matter, because I have no reason to hide anything. "

Let me tell you that many Bollywood stars have blamed Nana for supporting Tanushree on social media. Talking about this perception of stars against herself, Nana said, "It all depends on what you believe in. Do you think I am such a lousy person? "

Nana further says, "People do not know anything about me, I do not care that people should recognize me for my good behavior. But let me tell you that I do not dance much in films, So why would I say to keep anything from anyone? "

Nana further says, "I just refuse all these allegations that he (Tanushree) is lying, or else he can drag me in the court to spoil my image. But I will come back to Mumbai and talk all the way to the media and hope that people will not reach any conclusion before that. "

Friends, this dispute has now taken a new turn. But what do you think? Who is right, who is wrong? Your thoughts must be told by commenting on us.