बच्चे के स्कूल बैग में टीचर को दिखा कुछ ऐसा कि तुरंत उसकी मां को कर दिया...

In America, a woman was working in her office. At that time the call came from his son's school. The woman thought that her son would definitely have done something wrong due to which the schoolgirl was calling her, so she participated in the call. Although the principal talked about the son of the woman, but as soon as the principal heard the story, the woman started laughing loudly.

This funny thing was in the bag.

This lady, named Ladley Hobson, shared this strange story of her son Brian on social media. Hobson said that one day when he was working in his office, a call came from Brian's school at the same time. School calls only when either Brian is seriously ill, or raises a major problem. When the woman immersed in this thinking, the school principal gailla dialect in front of the call when she was attending the call. However, Gail did not complain about the child.

The Principal ended the entire tension of Hobsson and said that today your son made my day. Hobson did not understand anything from this, but the next moment the principal stopped his laugh and said that today the school teacher has recovered the squirrel killed by his son's bag. When Hobson listened to this, he began to feel embarrassed and humiliated. After this the Principal asked him what his son wanted to do with this squirrel and why he kept it in his bag.

The reason surprised everyone

The Principal told Höbson that you would be surprised to know but your son wanted to eat squirrel pakodas tonight. So he kept the dead squirre in the bag. Knowing this, Hobson laughed. The principal asked him if you wanted, we could send that squirre with your son. Taking a joke about this question, Hobson said, 'Do not let it go'. The principal also sent photos of Holbrooke to the squirrel who died in his son's bag. When Hobson came to school to take his child, he was crying loudly because of this embarrassment. But Hobson understood his child with love because the principal did not complain about the matter. Hobson told that his son kept the squirrels killed in a bag of 4000 bags.