एशिया कप में भारत की जीत के साथ हुये ऐसे संयोग से हर कोई रह गया हैरान

After all, Asia Cup ended and India won a thrilling match. Virat Kohli was rested from this series and Rohit Sharma was given captaincy. Rohit once again proved his best captaincy In this video, I will tell you some similar numbers of the number 7 in the final match, which will be a surprise to you.

Coincidence 1: India won its 700th ODI by winning the Asia Cup final. Before India, Australia and England have done this. Here the number 7 for India made a coincidence.

Incident 2: India won the match in the Asia Cup final match and thus India won the title of Asia Cup for the seventh time. Here too, 7 numbers for India made a coincidence.

Incident 3: Virat Kohli was rested in this Asia Cup. Rohit Sharma was given the captaincy of the team. You must be surprised to know that this was the seventh consecutive win as Rohit Sharma's captain.

Your idea: You will be very happy with winning India's Asia Cup and this coincidence will also surprise you. And yes, forgot to say another coincidence that Dhoni's jersey number is also 7. If you know any other coincidence then tell us by commenting.