वनडे क्रिकेट के ये रिकॉर्ड पता नहीं कब टूटेंगे 1 टूटता नहीं दूसरा कोई तो...

There is a big record from one in the cricket world. Old days are lost in old records and a new record is established. This sequence keeps on running. But there are still some records in the cricket world that have not been broken by anybody and their breakdown in the coming time is almost impossible.

Today, we are going to tell you about two such records of international one-day cricket, which is almost impossible to break. Let me tell you that a record is such that no one is able to break and the other is such that no player will think of breaking a player. Let's know who they are, two records

1. Fastest Half Century and Century in One Day

Let us tell you that the fastest half-century and century-record record in ODIs is with ABD Villiers of South Africa. AB de Villiers is a very explosive player. When AB de Villiers plays on the field, no one can stop him from making runs. AB de Villiers has a record of more than one record.

Let us know that AB de Villiers scored 149 runs from 44 balls in South Africa's match against West Indies in 2015. In this match AB de Villiers completed his century in 31 balls. While he used 16 balls to make half-century. This record has been for 3 years. But till now no batsman in the cricket world has managed to break this record.

2. The slowest ODI century

Let us tell you that the record of the slowest century in ODIs is recorded by Australian David Boon. David Boon had scored a century in 166 balls in a match against India. This record was created by David Boon in 1991. This is the slowest century in one-day cricket history and any batsman in the world would not want to break the record of David Boon.

What do you think, which players are capable of breaking these two records? Please tell by commenting.