फिल्मो में दिखाए गए इन सीन को हीरो ने नहीं बल्कि किया है इन 'स्टंटमैन' न...

We have used stunts to give action sequels from Bollywood to Hollywood. We look at the screen as we consider these stunts to be done by this hero. Actually, those stunts are used by other dignitaries who do not know us as well. Today, we are talking about these stunts, so let's know.

Akshay Kumar, who is known as Bollywood's khady Kumar, does a lot of stunts himself, but this stuntman has been used for a scene in 'Chandni Chowk and China' and this stunt has been done by this stuntman.

Hrithik Roshan's extremely handsome and strong actor Hrithik Roshan did not know how many stunning stunts he has seen, but let's tell you that this famous stunt of Hrithik's super hit film 'Guzarish' was done by him.

Salman Khan, who is known as a dubbed actor of Bollywood, has done extremely well in many action films and did not know how dangerous-dangerous stunts were given, but for the film 'Kick', he needed this stuntman, before that too many of Salman's Have stunts in movies.

Shah Rukh Khan, the romance hero, plays very few action films, but changing this era has become more important than romantic action films, so Shahrukh Khan also has to act in the film. One such stunt scene was the movie 'Don' The director had done a Malaysian stuntman.

Bollywood professional Aamir Khan had given a lot of action scenes in the film 'Dhoom 3', telling that the famous Aamir has always taken the help of a foreign stuntman for a stunts scene in the film, Seeing that he is doing aamir but he did this stuntman.