रोहित शर्मा या केदार जाधव नहींये खिलाड़ी था भारत के फाइनल जीतने का असली ...

Team India has once again regained its empire in the Asia Cup. In the final match, India defeated Bangladesh by 3 wickets in an exciting match. Many players made important contributions in India's victory in this match.

Team captain Rohit Sharma played a big role in leading India to victory by playing 48 runs in 55 balls. Apart from this, Kedar Jadhav also played a match-winning innings of 27 runs in 27 balls, despite injury.

Although there was also a player, despite having a big contribution in this win, he was not mentioned. Yes, we are talking about Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who suddenly sent team management to Kedar Jadhav for the batting.

At that time Bhubaneswar had a great responsibility to take the team along with Jadeja to victory. Here Bhubaneswar has done his job well and combined with Ravindra Jadeja in partnership with more than 45 runs.

Bhuvneshwar took a very impressive innings of 21 runs in 31 balls and took the team from the difficult situation to the door of victory.