पाकिस्तान टीम की कलह का शिकार हुआ था ये हिंदू क्रिकेटर वरना आज होता महान...

Let us tell you that Pakistan is a Muslim country and most of the players in the Pakistan cricket team are Muslim. But some players in the Pakistan team are also Hindus. Today we are going to tell you about the first Hindu cricketer to play for the Pakistan team.

The player we are talking about is Anil Dalpat. Tell you that Anil Dalpat's father was Dilpat Sonawaria and he was fond of playing cricket. Dalpat Sonawariya used to run a cricket club in Karachi, whose name was Pakistan Hindus. This was the biggest reason behind Anil Dalpat becoming a cricketer.

Let us know that Anil Dalpat had achieved success in Pakistan's domestic cricket till 1983 and had become quite popular. Let us tell you that in the 1983-84 season, Anil Dalpat had dismissed 67 batsmen and at the same time Wasim Bari also retired from the cricket world. At that time the Pakistan team needed a good player. Only then Anil Dalpat got the chance to debut in the Pakistan Cricket team and thus Anil Dalpat became the first Hindu cricketer to play in the Pakistan team.

Let us know that Anil Dalpat played his first international match on 2 March 1984 from Pakistan. Anil was the first test match of Dalpat's life. In this match, there was a dangerous team like the England against the Pakistan team. Let us tell you that Abdul Qadir of Pakistan team was bowling very dangerous, because of which England's batsmen were having difficulty playing. But Anil Dalpat, who was doing wicketkeeping, was enjoying playing very well. In this match, Anil Dalpat also performed good batting.

You can tell that after this Anil Dalpat could not perform in a few matches, due to which he was gradually made out of the Test and ODI team. After this Anil Dalpat never got a chance to play in the Pakistan team.

Let us tell you that Anil was to receive some part of the earnings from the Moroccan Cricket Series in 2002 as a subsidy. But Anil Dalpat refused to accept help. Anil Dalpat said, "Because of Imran Khan, I got to play so little cricket. The internal politics of Pakistan cricket made me a scapegoat. If I had been given the right opportunity then I would play more ".

By the way, Anil Dalpat's entire family is almost playing cricket. Tell me that Anil Dalpat's cousin Mahendra Kumar, Danish Kaneria cricketer. Danish Kaneria had raised the voice against the antics against Hindus after her career and also pleaded for help from the Indian government.