'राम नाम सत्य है' ऐसा क्यों बोलते हैं शवयात्री वजह जानकर खड़े हो जाएंगे ...

Every person in the world has to face death sometime or the other. It has neither survived nor has it been so far ahead. For the whole life, people run away in the pursuit of money and happiness, resort to deceit and deceit, but after death they have to leave everything in the world only. Only good deeds are done on the basis of which it gets new birth.

One more thing accompanies the human being in this path and that is 'Ram Naam'. All of you have seen that when the dead body is taken in the Hindus, then people say Ram Naam is true. Do you know why this is done? What is the reason behind this? Today we are going to give you information about this.

First of all, this point was mentioned in the Mahabharata by Pandavas' eldest brother Dharmaraj Yudhishthira through a verse.

'Ahanyahani Bhautani Ghanchinti Yamamandiram
Shesha Vibhutiimchanti Kishashti Vote: Param .. '

That is, all the 'Ram Naam is true' is called 'Ram Naam is true' while carrying the crematorium to the deceased, but after returning home after burial, all forget about this Ram Naam and again get involved in Maya Maya. People are worried about the sharing of the deceased's money, house etc. They start fighting against each other in this matter. Dharmaraj Yudhishthira further says, "Everybody dies forever, but in the end, the kin only want property, and what will be more surprising than that?"

Speaking of 'Ram Naam is true, truth is spoken' means not to hear the deceased, but the intention to say it along with the family running together, only the friends have to explain that only in life and after life, only Ram The name is the truth, the rest is all meaningless. One day, everything has to be left here. Together only our karma is carried out. The soul will get speed only and only with the name Ram