भारत ने जीता 7वां एशिया कप फाइनल मे इन 4 घटनाओं पर किसी का ध्यान नहीं गया

Bangladesh, who earned its place to play in the final, had more determination than ever before to prove a point. Cricket is playing quality of Bangladesh these days, it is no surprise that they have had late success. After a glorious fight, Bangladesh could not make the title of Asia Cup title. These are some of the events in the final match which you may not have noticed.

Event 1: When Tamil Iqbal was thrown out of Asia Cup with a fracture wrist. Bangladesh was difficult to find a reliable player in the top order, which could provide the consistency of the temim. Then Liton Das came out as a good option. He scored his first century of his career in the SA Cup final and became the fifth batsman to score a century in the Asia Cup.

Event 2: Mahendra Singh Dhoni has made another record in his Asia Cup final in front of Bangladesh, showing his spectacular wicketkeeping. Dhoni has been the third cricketer in the 800 stinging world cricket. He is the third wicketkeeper to reach there after Mark Boucher and Adam Gilchrist.

Event 3: There is still a question of middle order for India. What if the opener does not start well? Does India have the ability to win matches in the middle order? Such mails provide answers to such questions. The answer is still not there. When India was reaching 83/3, and India needed 140 runs to win, then the middle order was struggling to pursue the goal under pressure. There are about 20 matches remaining in the bank till the World Cup, India has to find a solution.

Event 4: Mehdi Hassan, who scored in both the batting and bowling in the Asia Cup, becomes only the 5th player. He joined Manoj Prabhakar of India, Ravi Ratnay of Sri Lanka, Mohammad Hafeez of Pakistan and Asim Saeed of United Arab Emirates. It has some record in cricket.