केरल बाढ़ पीड़ितों को सलमान खान के 12करोड़ रुपए दान करने का सच आया सामने...

After the flood in Kerala, condition has become very bad. In this way many people are coming out to help the flood victims. Bollywood stars have also helped open the flood victims. Stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan Sushant Singh and Sunny Leoni have helped him by donating money to the flood victims. Besides Priya Prakash and Akshay Kumar also donated money in the living fund. A news in this episode is getting viral that Salman donated 12 crores for flood victims. But the reality is something else.

Know the truth about Salman Khan's donation of Rs. 12 crores.

Salman Khan real hero

Salman's name was also revealed in the donations to Bollywood stars. When Javed Jafri made a twit and said that Salman donated Rs. 12 crores for flood victims. After Javed's tweet, people started to understand Salman as a real life hero. But in reality, Salman did not donate one rupee. So, when the truth came out, Salman became a hero from Hero.

Said Javed

Javed tweeted that he has heard that Salman has helped 12 crore rupees for the flood victims. How many people are getting Salman Khan's prayers? Javed further says that God will always keep his blessings on Salman. But since this tweet, the people trolled Javed very fiercely.

Trollers sent CM's tweet

Trolling Jaw, a user sent an official list issued by the CM of Kerala. In this list, CM released the names of those Bollywood stars. Who donated his relief fund But this list did not have Salman's name. Seeing the list, Javed tweeted again as his mistake.

Javed withdrew his tweet

Javed later tweeted that he had heard about this donation of Salman. Javed says that doing this for Salman is not a big deal. That's why he just appreciated Salman's work by keeping his point. But now that it has been confirmed that Salman does not donate, I withdraw my tweets.

These films have BG Javed

Javed, without understanding, made Salman a hero. Because of which they had to hear the true falsehood of the trollers. Javed is currently a BG in his upcoming movie Total Dhamal. Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor are also seen with Javed in the film.