21 करोड़ का ये भैसा रोजाना अपने मालिक को 1 करोड़ कमाकर देता है पीता है अलग...

Nowadays things look like normal things in the world. Some things are such that it is very difficult to believe.

Yes, today we will tell you something like this strange truth about a bull. Knowing that the sleep of your nights will definitely fly.

There is such a buzz in Haryana that whose habit has made the people both shocked and upset. In fact, this feat is becoming viral in the entire social media due to its peculiar poor habit.

This buffalo is very different from other buffaloes because it drinks whiskey whiskey. You must be surprised to hear this, but it is true that this drink whiskey whiskey.

Even this awkwardness is a huge interest in drinking whiskey. Its name is Sultan. The owner of this house has no problem with drinking his whiskey.

Not only this, the owner of the house says that he likes to drink whiskey and drinks whiskey and he feels very happy.

This buzz is one of the most important buffaloes of the country. Let the 8-year-old figure be 6 feet and the weight is more than one tonne,

The shocking thing is that the owner of the house earns up to Rs 1 crore by selling his seminar. Here the boss does not leave any stone unturned.

The price in this market is Rs 21 crores. But this whiskey drinker daily is famous for its different habit of social media. People come from far away to see this and research has also been done completely.