एक दिन में 90 सिगरेट पीता था यह सुपरस्टार अब हुआ ऐसा हाल डॉक्टर ने कही य...

Tobacco and cigarettes are harmful to health. For the person who gets addicted to these things once, it is very difficult to leave it. Death due to these things is also very painful. There are many such superstars in Bollywood who have been caught in cigarette's addiction. Some actors have quit drinking cigarettes after seeing the bad effect they are having on their body by drinking cigarettes. Let's tell you about the same actor today.

The name of this actor is John Abraham, whose fitness body is famous throughout Bollywood. Let us tell you that in the year 2007 when John Abraham was shooting his film 'No Smoking', he had to drink 90 cigarettes a day to fit his role. Later, when he did an X-ray of his chest, he came to know that due to drinking cigarettes his lunches were completely black.

Since this incident, John Abraham never cigarette However, during the shooting of the film 'Dhishoom' released some years ago, he had burned nearly 600 cigarettes, but did not pull his smoke.