दूल्हे के पास अचानक व्हाट्सअप पर आई दुल्हन की फोटो देख बेहोश हो गया दूल्हा

While on one hand, social media is a great way to provide many kinds of information, its misuse is increasing at the same time.

A similar case has also been brought to Kolkata, where a girl's marriage was broken due to a pic picture. In the picture, the girl is wearing saris and vermicelli, because of which the groom broke the marriage two days ago. The boy says he can not marry a married girl This whole case is from Sonarpur in West Bengal.

The family members of the girl filed a complaint in Sonarpur Police Station. The girl's father alleged that the picture of her daughter has been tampered with. They said that we come from a rural area, so we do not know much about social media. Some mischievous elements have uploaded the photo by hacking their daughter's Facebook account. The entire family of the girl is in shock because of the breakdown of marriage. The wedding cards were shared with relatives and friends.

The girl says that she does not know the young man in the picture. He said that because of the false picture, he broke. Somebody has done this to take revenge on him. Now for this reason no one will marry her. According to the police, the case has started investigating and if needed, the cyber crime department will also get the help.