हलाला क्या है और मुसलमान इस प्रथा को क्यों निभाते हैं जानिए इसकी सच्चाई

People's thinking and questions have changed in the changing politics of India, today many people of India's majority community have started to be interested in the customs and customs related to Islam. To a lesser extent, this is due to the government and the media also talking more about Hindu Muslim issues. The current government and the media are more concerned with the issues of Hindu-Mussolim, more than just a few years, there are more discussions on issues related to three divorces and halas. For this reason, the information about these issues has increased in the people, while there has also been increased misconceptions about these issues.

So today we tell you about Halala practice, what is this and why this practice is performed.

When a Muslim man divorces his wife and then he wants to live with that woman again, then she is married to someone else, and then divorced her first marriage to her husband, it is called Halala. But Islam does not allow this dishonesty, before the arrival of Islam, it was a practice of the Arabs in Arabia but after the arrival of Islam, Prophet Muhammad ended this mischief. And barred Halalah for Muslims (barred), but just as the time passed, some people started to do this kind of mischief, but this mischief did not begin in Arabia again, but in countries where This mischief was adopted when Islam spread later or where there was excess (ignorance).

If you see, it will be known that in addition to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, this is done only in some African countries. But as people came towards education and understood Islam, the mischief went away from these countries, even today after so many rigors, even a single case of halala has not been revealed in India till now.

However, other people who hate the Sangh and the Muslims have done it very well for defaming the Muslims and calling them miserable, but the truth is that there is no place for halala practice in Islam.