राखी बांधने बहन कर रही थी इंतजार भाई घर लौटा जिसे देखकर बहिन के उड़े होश

On the day of Rakshabandhan festival, every sister wished her brother's long life and happy life. But in Chhattisgarh a sentence was made before the Rakshabandhan, where a sister was eagerly waiting for her brother, the brother returned, but in the shroud

Three days before the Rakshabandhan, the younger sister had celebrated her birthday. He had been invited to celebrate Birthday to the brother who was studying outside the house, but the brother had said that the studies are going on, so I can not come. After the birthday, the sister called her brother and said that you did not come on my birthday but you should definitely come to the Rakshabandhan
Bhai had promised to come but the Arman of the Rakshabandhan of the sister remained incomplete. Before Rakshabandhan, the brother returned home but wrapped in a shroud. Seeing this, the land lying under the feet of the sister and the parents fell. The scourge broke out in the house just before the Rakshabandhan. Seeing everyone's eyes became moist
Actually, this incident is just before the Raksha Bandhan of Bhatgaon in Surajpur district of Chhattisgarh. Avinash Chauhan, living in Shaktnagar B type colony of Jahari of Bhatgaon, was studying mining while living in another city. Just before Rakshabandhan, he came out drinking tea with his bike. During this time the bike collided with iron board on the roadside, unchecked on the way. An accidental head injury in his head died on his death.