सलमान खान 75 साल की इस अभिनेत्री को करते है बेहद पसन्द करना चाहते है काम...

Friends, we are talking about Bollywood's biggest superstar Salman Khan. Today, Salman Khan likes child and child in our country. He has given Hindi cinema more than one film. Salman Khan's big presence today in Bollywood is Salman Khan

Today everybody likes Salman Khan but who does Salman Khan like? Nobody knows. Today we are going to tell you who Salman Khan likes most
Friends, Salman Khan told a TV channel that he loved 70-year-old actress Hema Malini. Hema Malini is also known as Bollywood's Dream Girl. In an interview, Salman Khan said that I like the most Hema Malini Ji in Bollywood. And I like all their movies. And I have loved him since childhood. Even today when one of their films comes to the TV, I go to see him