इमरान हाशमी के साथ रोज बनाती थी ये एक्ट्रेस संबंध लेकिन आज हैं इस हाल मे...

To be seen, there are many actors in Bollywood who are known for their romance but talk about Imran Hashmi and his romantic style is well liked and he is known for his romance.

His film also has a good story with romance. Emraan Hashmi is quite handsome and is also a great practitioner. He has given many hits to Bollywood.

People love their romance, and they have worked in mostly romantic movies. In the initial round, his name was quite popular as serial Kisar but now he has changed his image. He has done many serials in films too. His most important thing is that the songs of his every movie are very liked by the people.

Emraan Hashmi started his career with the film "footpath" in the year 2004. In this film he was seen in the lead role. In his career, he has worked with many beautiful actresses and many things have come up with his co-actress and his link-up news. But the name of the person we are going to tell you is Geeta Basra, which is very beautiful to see. Geeta worked in many films in Bollywood but her career was not something special. After that, he married Indian cricketer Harbhajan in 2015. Harbhajan is a popular spin bowler in India.

Imran and Geeta worked together in the 2007 film "The Train". Since the film, both of them started dating each other. There was also news of the relationship between the two. Various news about them used to come in the newspapers. But Imran was married at that time due to which his relationship with Geeta did not last long. A year after the marriage of Harbhan, Geeta gave birth to a lovely daughter named Hinaaya.