मेरठ दिल्ली रोड पर पलटा ट्रक उसके अन्दर से निकला कुछ ऐसा देखकर उड़े लोगो ...

In Uttar Pradesh's Meerut district, Wednesday night became a painful road. Here a truck hit many vehicles. In which four people died, while many were seriously injured. At the moment, the injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Incident in Meerut's Thana TP Nagar area of ​​Delhi Road. While the truck running at a speed of 100 kilometers on the road late on night, first hit a scooter. In which two people died. After that a small truck full of meat hit. The collision was so tremendous that the meat was shattered on the whole road. After that the rickshaw rider tricked two people after running around 200 meters high speed.

BJP workers thundered
The incident took place in the area. Hundreds of people gathered on the spot. The accident was so severe that 4 people died on the spot and many people were admitted to the hospital. According to officials, the death figure is 4. After the incident, BJP workers arrived at the spot fiercely raging.

Truck and accused driver arrested
During this time some chaos became active. Who also tried to hand over the truck to the fire. But on the spot, the heavy police force on the spot had failed. At present the police has arrested the truck and the accused driver. The whole matter is being investigated.