जंगलों में पाई गई आज तक की सबसे रहस्यमयी चीजें देखकर लोग हैरान रह गये

A couple in Florida came out to roam one day, then she saw a strange shape in the forests just off the road. It was round to see the shape and many sculptures were visible in it. These sculptures look like aliens. The strange thing is that from where hundreds of people pass every day, but no one has ever seen this figure before today.

2. North Sentinel Island

This island is present in the Indian Ocean, the tribe living here is still completely cut off from the outer world. It is believed that there are around 500 people living here, if an outsider walks on this island, then these people kill him. During the tsunami of 2011, this island was very close to the tsunami center. Everyone felt that no one would be left on this island anymore. When a helicopter blasted over the island to take stock, some people were shaking hands. It is still a secret that these people survived even after the terrible tsunami

3. Stone Balls

Thousands of balls are spread in the forests of Costa Rica It is believed that all these balls were made 500 years ago, it is still a mystery that how round balls of perfectly shaped smooth balls have been made. And that is also in the number of thousands And the biggest secret is that why these balls were made

4. Alien

In 2012, some explorers arrived in a remote forest in Brazil, where they took photographs of local residents who lived in the woods. Later, when the photographs were carefully seen, some strange shapes are visible. Anyway this whole area is famous for viewing the UFO.