कभी भारत के लोगों को वीजा भी नहीं देता था यह शक्तिशाली देश आज है भारत का...

Friends India is progressing fast with this time and almost every country in the world wants to befriend India. But there was a time when some countries had refused to make friendship with India and even did not give visa to the people of India.

The powerful country we are talking about knows the whole world as America. When India's situation was very bad, at that time the United States made distances from India and did not even give visa.

Now the time has changed, seeing the progress of India, the US has changed its color and has made friendship with India. At present, the US does not give visa to India but offers many other facilities.

At this time, America offers tourists, jobs, medical and education all the visas to India. There are many businesses in the US that are currently operating in India.