क्रिकेट की ये अजीबो गरीब घटनायें देखकर आप हैरान रह जायेंगे

Cricket is a game in which no record is maintained every day. And every day some records break even. But we will show you some such events today and also tell about them, which are very exciting

Friends, in this picture you will be seeing how more than half the team's team is standing around the batsmen in such a way that they are surrounded. And due to the pressure, the batsmen were also out in this game. You must be watching how the player's field has been set in such a way that all the players are in a queue.
Friends, this fielder has no answer. The way this fielder has caught the catch by diving the entire air in the air, this catch should have been made of an ear of the catch.
Friends, this New Zealand player is also caught in the air. It looks great in seeing this scene. But it is very difficult to do