अमेरिका के राष्ट्रपति आवास White House की सुरक्षा इन बेहद खुफिया तरीको स...

The safety of the White House is done with these 10 very intelligent ways, every person who travels the US has a dream that he also gets to see White House, at present the White House is rarely open to ordinary men. Do you want to know how the President of the United States is protected in the White House? The safety parameters of it are quite fun.

This security criteria has been explored by the US government to the general public so that the White House can also become a place of good tourism.

1. Sculptures No alarm

In the White House's Oval Office there are many invisible alarms about which only the President knows that if they have any problems, they play these alarms.

2. Who jumps into the garden is beating

The White House Garden is kept under the supervision of infrared sensors, if a pranker or terrorist tries to penetrate there, then very dangerous species of dogs and security guard catch them there.

3. There is also a sensor to catch poison in the water in the pipe that is on

The water pipes there do not just filter, but they have a system in which they can detect any kind of poison that is also with the air conditioner.

4. Secret doors under the desk

For a long time, there is a rumor that there is an intelligence door under the President's desk, which is called the Underground Escape System.

5. Small Underground City Under the White House

Another rumor keeps on flowing there that there is no such effect on which there is no effect of nuclear radiation, and in the lower office there are so many people who work in a small town and many tunnels from there Has happened in different parts of the city.

Currently there are US President Donald Trump, who lives in the White House.

6. Sniper on the terrace

If you look at the roof, you will see it everywhere you hear, apart from it, many antennaes are also engaged for monitoring for several kilometers.

7. Two swimming pools

There the swimming pool is divided, a swimming pool is in the open and the second part is fully covered so that the president and his family can enjoy the water of the peeping no journalists.

8. Pressure sensor

The pressure sensor in the floor and furniture of the Oval Office is equipped with the weight to find out where the President is currently walking, this also helps in rescue operation.

9. No plan passes

There is also a system if the plane of the enemy comes over the White House.

10. Foods are about to test

Whenever the President takes some new accounts or goes out somewhere, before the other person, after eating him, it finds out that it is not poisonous and the President is eating it.