PM मोदी ने इस महिला से जबरन कर दिया ऐसा काम देखकर लोग रह गये हैरान

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently flashed on a woman MP when he saw that the video of the meeting of all the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs in the wake of the Lok Sabha elections remained on his mobile phone.

According to the information, about 250 MPs were present in this meeting, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sitting on the stage and with him the dignitaries like Home Minister Rajnath Singh, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, LK Advani were sitting. At that time, PM Modi's eyes fell on Priyanka Rawat from Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, who was involved in recording the meeting.
This was not good for PM Modi and he immediately ordered the MP to stop switching the recording and switch off the mobile phone. But the PM was not satisfied even on this, he was given the responsibility of a member of the party's executive to ensure that the woman MP has deleted the recording or not
This is not the first time that Priyanka Rawat has come to headlines such issues. Earlier even a trainee threatened the IAS officer and his video had come out. It can be seen in the video that she says that I will make you difficult to live if my workers have a problem. This video was very viral on social media