इस वजह से अब तक कुंवारी है ये खूबसूरत लड़की राहुल गाँधी पर आ गया दिल बिता...

There are many states in politics that are in front but people do not know them. Especially the politically relevant politics are the same. Today, we are telling you about a similar rule that is associated with Congress spokesman Divya Vandana i.e. Ramya. Let's know what the secret is.

Who is Divya Pulsana

The beautiful girl who gave Rahul Gandhi the responsibility of his media cell some time ago, is named Divya Prabandana. Divya Spandana is also known as Ramya. He is now 35 years old and has grown up in Bangalore only. That is Rahul Gandhi's face of social media.

The famous heroine has lived Divya

Very few people would know that Divya Pulsar was a famous heroine before coming to politics. In the songs of Yes South, she was known as Ramya and has given many superhit films. Ramya's mother is in politics. He also chose this path and came with the Congress.

Foreign boy was affair

Before coming to politics, Divya Prabandha had an affair with a foreign boy. That boy was from Switzerland and his name was Rafael. Divya himself disclosed the affair between both of them. However, after coming into politics, where did the boy and the affair go, nobody came to know about it.

Rafael still meets, because of this, Kunwari

Well, according to the Times of India news, Divya Prabhadana is still in touch with Rafael and keeps on getting him. Although he is still a virgin because he says that if he gets married then he will not be able to pay attention in his field and politics. That's why she is not marrying