अमेरिका में करोडो की सैलरी छोड़कर सरपंच बनी ये महिला बदल दी गाँव की तस्व...

People come here to make money in politics and to make money. Here there is a lady who carries the village Sarpanchi by leaving millions of salaries. The picture of the 5 villages coming in their area has changed. Water and electricity situation in all the villages has been cured. He has been included among 100 influential people of India. Keeps a pistol with you and also runs the ferrate door car. The tractor also runs in the fields. His name is Bhakti Sharma. Who are from Madhya Pradesh

Introduction to all big leaders and actor

Photos of India's Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj have arrived. Have done many programs with them. Not so much, they have good relations with Abhishek Bachan and Anupam Kher too. Bhakti says that in the first year, 113 people started receiving pension, no child of Panchayat at this time is malnourished. Every two to three times a month, a free health camp takes place, so that every person of Panchayat should be healthy. "

Who is bhakti sharma

Bhakti Sharma has done MA from Political Science, is now studying Advocacy. Barkheeri Abdullah Gram Panchayat is 20 km away from Bhopal District headquarter. This Panchayat's Sarpanch Bhakti Sharma's hobby is like men. They like to run a tractor, keep a pistol, fill their streets with their cars, and talk to any officer fearlessly. There are total 2700 population in this Panchayat with 1009 voters.