एड्स होने पर शरीर देता है ये संकेत पता नहीं चला जान लो नहीं तो परलोक सिध...

The full name of AIDS is 'Acquired Immuno's Dficial Syndrome' and this disease is HIV-positive. Is caused by a virus. This virus weakens the human immune system. The bacteria of the body begin to lose the ability to combat the virus. And finally the patient is killed with any other disease. Therefore, the symptoms of AIDS are not different from other diseases. It is just the difference that no medication can affect the patient on AIDS. Today we will tell you about some of its common symptoms, which everyone should know about. If you see such signs, you should do checkup immediately.

Our body's muscles have a great effect on HIV infection. This leads to tightening of the muscles of the person suffering from this disease, which is considered to be an early symptom of HIV.

Due to low immune and immune power, the body is unable to save you from diseases. It also affects the outer surface of the skin. Having a red rash on the skin and not curing them is also the symptom of AIDS.

Hairy white spots or spots in the mouth. False nail or rupture or change their color may also be symptoms of AIDS.

Pain and swelling in the joints along with age are considered normal, but if somewhere it happens before time, then there is a need to think over it. Do not forget to take it lightly. It can be a sign of HIV.

If you have pain in your head all the time, if this pain decreases in the morning and in the day, it can be a symptom of HIV.