78 करोड़ मे बेचा गया टॉयलेट का पानी पूरी खबर देख कर हैरान रह जाओगे

Everybody knows how important this biogas is to us. It is such a gas that we can avoid harming the environment also, and the awareness of the government about it, due to the fact that a government agency in Nagpur, Maharashtra purchased toilet water for 78 crores.

From that hearing, you may also have been caught that why did the government government do this? Let us tell you that 50 ac houses will be run from this water produced by the gas. Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said the plan is to use the water of toilet water for the use of bio-CNG.

According to the Union Transport Minister, the oil and gas companies working under the Ministry of Petroleum have entered into an agreement. Under which 26 cities located near Ganga city will get the benefit of this.

He told that biogas will be removed from methane gas released from this dirty water. The City Bus of 26 cities will run. Along with this project, 50 lakh youth will get jobs from this project. With this, the cleaning of the Ganga will also be done.