मुंबई लोकल ट्रेन में प्रेमी-प्रेमिका करते रहे काम लेकिन अचानक हुआ ऐसा दे...

Every day a new look is seen in a fast changing world. We are living in the era where there is the power of social media in every hand.

Every hand is mobile and that mobile has a camera. Which can be used in both correct and wrong ways. The video we are about to tell you today is very shocking.

Also showing the changes coming in our society. How are we forgetting some important things in the race of modernity? We are forgetting in the blind race of modernity that where our roots are. The video you are about to watch is pointing to this.

Mumbai local train is called Lifeline of Mumbai. This happened in the same train which has created a stir on the social media. People travel in the Mumbai local train because it is the cheapest way.

If you love romantic in this local train, then if you see a lover doubling all the boundaries in this train, then what will you say? Yes we are talking about this video.

In this same Mumbai local train, a couple has crossed all limits of shamelessness. Such a move which made people ashamed but this couple did not make any difference