बिग बॉस 12 के प्रतिभागियों की लिस्ट हुयी जारी देखकर चौंक जाएंगे आप

The Big Boss wants to know "The child of the country is aware of this tag line. Every year, about 3 months of coming to the TV screen to entertain their loved ones and shake the whole country, this voice is preparing to showcase their new feat this year too. We are talking about the famous 'Big Bass' hosted by Bollywood's brother-in-law 'Sallu Bhai'. After the huge success of the 11th season of Bigg Boss, this show has accelerated the practice of bringing its 12th season.

Let us tell you that after appearing in the 11th season the unique colorful styles of unique celebrities like Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan, the upcoming 12th season of 'Bigg Boss' has the expectation of more entertainment to the audience who want the serial. According to the nature and structure of its concept and serial, going 'one season' ahead of it means more fighting, quarrels and politics.

If you talk about the upcoming season of this serial, then say a few names or say a wide-ranging look has come out. However, no formal announcement has been made by the production yet, but strong claims are being made to confirm the news.

Radhe Ma:

The 'Radhe Maa', also known as One of the Most Controversial Spiritual Teacher, can also be tasked in this season and can be seen as a fight-taker. If this time 'Radhe Maa' is selected, then it is certain that due to his coming, it will be very difficult to get the chilli of chili in the show.

Nia Sharma:

Nia Sharma, a prominent actress who has been in the limelight for the coming days, is now preparing to make her debut in 'Bigg Boss'. It is believed that if this happens, the fun and show will be increased in the show.

Riya Sen:

Model and Actress Rhea Paste has long been distance from the industry. It is also being seen as a sign of Riya Sen's return. If Riya appears in the show, she can prove to be a milestone in this show.

Arman Tahil:

More than 100 TV serials and awards in Bollywood and TV shows, ironed Tahil, can also be seen in the show this time because this entry is seen in the show on this season show, Arman Diler is short of henna Brother Joginder Singh henna, magician 'Emperor Shankar' or the famous news anchor Shri Vardhan Trivedi can be seen with 'Sansani Fame'. If this pair is included in this season then it is believed that actors + singer, actor + jadugar or actor + journalist pair will do a quick job at the show.

Niketan Dhir and Kritika Sagar:

The name of Niketan and his wife Kritika, who played the role of 'Thangabali' in Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone's movie 'Chennai Express', is also running in this week's list. Let us tell you that Kratya, where the TV industry has a famous face, Niketan has got a great reputation as a villain of today's era. In this case, the possibility of entry of this couple is also strong.

Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina:

In the year 2008, the name of this couple, who also beat the Grand Entry in the TV industry through the popular serial 'Ramayana', which was broadcast on a channel, is also included in the list of this season 12.

Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim:

The show, which has hit the show in serial 'In-laws' and 'Nach Baliye', is the couple who recently married in February this year. The name of this couple is also running in the list of 'Big Boss'.

Negi Asha and Ritwik Dhananjani:

Ritwik Dhanjani and Asha Negi are also seen in the reality show 'Big Bass'. Along with their names, the big thing is also linked that the Big Boss production has already wanted them. But due to their busy schedules and dates, these people have not yet been part of this show.

Milland Soman and Ankita Tanwar:

Well known for his 25 year old girlfriends from his age, Mohandas Soman, who has been married to a different genre, is also known as Betaz Badshah of the fitness world. It is believed that their dream is almost certain in this season's Big Boss. According to the sources, it has also made a huge amount of money to participate in the couple's show.

This time it appears that the names of all the participants running in the list of Big Boss are now crossed by past all the parameters of the Mansoranjan and it is going to reach a new paradigm and leave all the old standards behind. This time, perhaps in the upcoming season 12, it is possible to see all that far beyond the imagination of all the spectators.