ये बाबा चुंबन(Kiss) करके महिलाओं को ठीक करता था देखकर लोग हैरान हैरान रह...

Today we will talk to Assam where a Baba who is famous for the name of Baba, who was claiming to correct Chum, arrested him, and "Kissing Baba" has given his "Chemakari Kissan" or "Miracle Smooch" With the claim of treatment of women's physical and psychological problems. In Assam Morigaon, she used to kiss women by embracing the problems of women, who have now been arrested.

He claimed that his "supernatural powers" were received from Lord Vishnu and he claimed that he could cure any woman who had sought help on marital issues. There was also a temple in her house where she used to "fix" the women. She started this "treatment" a month ago and it is believed that it exploited rural women, who was superstitious
His mother was also spreading rumors about the son's "medical powers". Literacy rate in Moragaon is less than other districts of Assam because Mayang - is a black magic village where many ojas have practiced black magic here