यह आदमी हमारे देश का सबसे लंबा आदमी है अखिलेश यादव भी देखकर रह गये हैरान

Currently, the longest person in India is a 32-year-old man named Dharmendra Singh from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.

Notifying the ENT surgeon Alok Agarwal, Dharmendra has a very rare disorder called Acromagli. "It is caused by a pituitary tumor which makes the growth hormone constant secret to the gland, it is also putting pressure on its optic nerve. As a result, bad eyesight of Dharmendra, persistent headache, diabetes, negligence of joints and, of course, There are abnormally large extremes: Agarwal says, "Poverty has only malnourished them - their weight is only 70 kilograms," in this case on TV the first b They came and got in touch with Dharmendra, who said that he could not pay for the treatment.

Dharmendra, who holds a master's degree in Hindi, says that his height creates some real problems for him. "I have to face a lot of problems in everyday life due to my height. I also need a helper to help even for small things, I have trouble walking," she said. I need a man to go to the market and buy personal things for me.

I do not go into the market because it is very crowded and people bother me. "I have to face many difficulties, which the normal person does not have to do. When I am unable to do general things, it is a terrible feeling."