पांडवों का एक गेहूं का दाना जो आज भी मौजूद है इसका आकार देखकर हैरान रह ज...

Friends, we all know that in the Mahabharata, a terrible battle was fought between Kaurava and Pandavas, in which Pandavas were victorious when Pandavas were ignorant before the Mahabharata took place.

In which he had spent some time in the Himalayas as well. During this, Pandavas stayed in the temple of Himeshal Pradesh, where they had grown grains of some wheat.

One of these grains is still kept in hand, a grain of this wheat weighing 200 grams. This grain of wheat is about five thousand years old.

The people say that in the ancient times, the weight of wheat was so much that the weight of this grain is also the same.