माँ ने अपने ही बेटे से की शादी वजह जानकर आपकी आँखों में आँसू आ जायेंगे

The most beloved relationship in this world is of mother and child. A mother is ready to do anything for her children but she never sees her children unhappy. But today we are going to tell you about mother and son, you will be surprised by knowing about this.

In fact, Logan's family lives in Lincolnshire, London. People have taken the stubbornness that they will marry with their mother. To fulfill the wishes of his son, his family fulfilled his wish. Logan is suffering from genetic disorder leucodistrophy and has a brief period of time.

Fairytale Wedding was organized for the wedding. Mother Julian became the princess in this marriage and Logan one day king. The ceremony was real and the whole family, relatives and friends invited. The wedding was on the theme of 'Beauty and the Beast' and it was a fake marriage. It was very emotional for Logan's entire family. Instead of swearing and promise in this marriage, the mother promised to protect the son and always stay together. All the guests present in this marriage also got their eyes moist.