छह मिनट पहले डॉक्टर ने किया मृत घोषित फिर अचानक हो गया ज़िंदा और बताया यम...

According to a report in Express Dot dot.co.uk, one person claimed that he had entered an 'unknown area' when he was close to death.

The person who named his name only disclosed that what happened to him when he was drowned and declared dead as a medical doctor for six minutes.

He wrote on the Death Experience Research Foundation website that, as a young child, Bob was swimming in his pool when he had experienced life after death.

He said that his uncle had jumped to pick me up from the pool floor. Unfortunately, as soon as Bob defended himself from the wave, accidentally took a big breath of water which sank it.

People realized that something went wrong and was brought out of the pool, he was unconscious for about half an hour. But Bob took six minutes to revive, and at that time, he said that he crossed the later life where he "clearly entered the mysterious or inadvertent area and heard."

At this time, Bob was out of body, from where he could see what was going on around him.

She said: "I was five to six feet above the pool. I remember that I was telling myself 'I am fine'.

"I was surprised, I was completely happy, there was no pain, I was looking down and could see the people around anyone on the sidewalk next to the pool.

"I did not know who he was. I was looking down but what I saw was not Bob. I was not even Bob, but I was still the same who was before drowning.

"I do not know how to explain it in any other way. I believe our bodies die but we live.

"Before I came back into my body, there was a lot of pain, but in any way I knew that it was just the pain of life." Some researchers agree with Bob that "our bodies die but we live".

According to some respected scientists, Quantum Mechanism allows consciousness to live after the last death of the body.

While some scientists are still very uncertain about the consciousness, Stuart Hammerf of the University of Arizona and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose believes that this is the only information stored at the quantum level.

Both say that this process is called "Orchestralized Objective Reduction" (ORCH-OR) and says that it is evidence that protein-based microtubules - a structural component of human cells - takes quantum information - at a sub-atomic level Archived information.

Dr. Hammerf explains: "Suppose the heart stops beating, even then blood flows; Micro-tubules lose their quantum state.

"Quantum information is not destroyed within the micro-tubal, it can not be destroyed, and this universe is distributed and dissolved on a large scale."

"If the patient is rearranged, the revival is done, then the quantum information can go back to the micro-tubal and the patient says, 'I had experience of near-death.'

"If they are not resurrected, and the patient dies, then it is possible that this quantum information exists outside the body, perhaps indefinitely, in the form of a soul.