अजय देवगन की फिल्म फूल और कांटे की इस एक्ट्रेस का बिक गया घर जी रही है ऐ...

It is absolutely right that there is nothing known about the time. It applies to everyone, whether it is a star or a common man. There are many actors and actresses in Bollywood who have been ruined over time. We are going to tell you about Ajay Devgan's debut film 'Phool' and 'Kante' Actress.

This film was the first film of Ajay Devgan and Actress Madhu, and his debut film was a super hit. Acting in this film was very much liked. Actress Madhu has done many films even after this. She has also made films in Bollywood, besides Bollywood. It has also worked.

These actresses would change so much over time that no one thought it. This actress has also seen a bad time and we can tell you that only a few of you know that Madhu is the niece of Hema Malini and Juhi Chawla Sister in law

In 1999, Madhu married Anand Shah and Anand is a businessman. Madhu had stopped getting the films after some time, and at the same time there was a time when her husband's business was completely submerged.

After that, his troubles grew a lot.He had paid 100 crore rupees to the investors by selling his property.After that, his company was closed for about 6 months and he was unable to pay the installment.He was sold to his house .

Because of this, Madhu has become something like a beautiful looking actress at a time, as if you are looking at the photo above.Modhu sees the condition in this condition. Now no one sees anyone, no matter how big a star is.