यहां की लड़कियों से शादी करने पर मिलते है तीन लाख रुपए महीने वजह जानकर क...

If you will get married in this country, then you will be given three lakh rupees per month to the government. This is not an autonomous declaration. For instance, in India, on the one hand, there is lesser number of women per thousand men, but there are also countries in the world where there are fewer males than females. There is also a special type of facility for men in those countries. One of the countries in the world is Iceland, there is a large number of women here, and the number of men is very low.

Let us tell you that Iceland is a country that is called the land of heaven and the land of dreams. This country is very beautiful in reality, but today I am going to tell you such a thing related to this country, knowing that you will be catching us up.

Nowadays the younger generation is particularly worried about marriage. Iceland's government has adopted a rule that the boys of the queue will run and run there. If you marry girls from Iceland, then the government here will give you Rs 3 lakh per month. Also, those who marry will get citizenship free there. There is a hidden reason behind this plan. Indeed, in Iceland, the number of men compared to women is very low, due to which the government has taken such a step.