इस बच्चे के शरीर पर रोज आ जाती हैं नयी आकृति लोग मान रहे है भगवान का रूप

Many weird kids are born in the world. But this is very rare, we keep listening to many cases. A child has two heads, sometimes the legs are more. We are going to tell the story of such a child, and such unique children often become the subject of discussion. These children are unique for those who believe in superstition, but the scientists refuse to do so.

A similar case has emerged in Jharkhand. Here a child has been born in Ramgarh market of Dumka district, on whose forehead, on the side and chest, Trishul, Swastik, Oun, Trinetra are seen and which are changing every day.

This child has been in the house of Arun Kunwar of Ramgarh. People are treating it as the form of God and come also for its philosophy. The child is being recorded as a separate God. These pictures made on the forehead of the child begin to fall even in the evening. Although the child is completely healthy.