यहाँ पर है कुंवारी लड़कियों की भरमार 2 शादी करने पर सरकार दे रही है इनाम

While on one hand the government is running programs like family planning to control population in our country. There is also another country where the government grants to marry two girls. Maybe this did not get your hug, but it is absolutely true. Friends are the name of this country in the United Arab Emirates where two married people are given allowance on behalf of Sarkari.

At the same time, the government of that country has announced that the person who will marry two. They will also be made a house by the government. Actually, there is a great reason behind this government's plan, it is considered to be an abortion in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the number of girls has increased there. This led to a crisis in front of the government and there has been more virgin girls.

The government has implemented this scheme to get married to those girls. To get rid of this problem. The government here is appealing to the people that people should do two Shadias and participate in eliminating the country's problem. The co-operative minister, while informing the scheme, said that his ministry has decided that the person who will marry two.

He will be given accommodation and allowance according to Sheikh Zayed Housing Scheme. At the same time the government has said that the first wife should be given a separate house for the first time, and arrangements for allowances for her livelihood have been made.