जूता पॉलिश करने वाला ये आदमी कमाता है 18लाख रुपए महीना तरीका जानकर हैरान...

For anyone to polish shoe, it is very difficult to combine the June 2 roti. But a shoe shirt makes it so much that after knowing its earnings, you will press the fingers under your teeth. Yes, a mochi shoe polish and earns Rs 18 lakh per month. A man named Don Ward in Manhattan, USA, has the same claim about his earnings. This story of Don Ward is becoming very viral on social media.

Don is also a secret behind this earning. According to Don Ward, if you have to catch fish, then feeding is required. I do the same. I am telling jokes to those who are moving, I laugh at them, enchase them that they wear clean shoes and just like this they come to me like this.

In a day, this person earns $ 900 or 60 thousand rupees. Ward worked in a photo lab before working for shoes polishing, but there was little money available there. He saw one of his friends that he would earn a lot of shoe polish by doing this job and he even started shoe shoe.