आखिर क्यों कुत्ते किसी पेड़ या गाड़ी के टायर पर ही पेशाब करते है जानकर ह...

Today, we are going to tell you a little bit about this video, though you have ever thought that why dogs often urinate on a train tire or some tree, although very few people know this thing, but today we will tell you Here's the reason behind this.

You must have seen this every time that the dog likes to pee at an open place, if your Tommy also plays out with you and suddenly runs away, then you should understand that he has gone out to pee.

Dogs often like to urinate on a tile or on any wall, on any tire. A pain of dogs is hidden behind it. By the way, they urinate at most elevated places so that they do not get the permission of dogs from any other area to get there.

If a dog of any other area enters his area then he starts to feel like a thorn, and if the dog never sleeps on a tire, he will leave his smell on the tire so that the other dog will be given the dog Feel the fear

So now you may have been able to understand why dogs do urinate on any tree or tire.