केरल में बीच सड़क 40 हजार कुत्तों के मारे जाने का सच आया सामने देखकर हैर...

There was a fierce flood in Kerala. Situated on social media, the weather scientists have begun to tell too many reasons for the flood. Some people are saying that people in Kerala are eating beef, hence the flood is coming. Someone is saying that there is a flood due to the open doors of Sabarimala temple women. Now there is another new theory. There are also some pictures to offer theory. These photos have been written with-

Do not forget that in 2016, when more than 40 thousand innocent dogs were killed in Kerala, and no animal lover had said anything and today the same person dies in Kerala. Because heaven is here and hell also here, sin does not leave its father too.
The golden coin was also distributed as a reward for killing a dog.
First thing - in the year 2016, more than 52 thousand cases of human bites were reported by stray dogs in Kerala. Four of them were killed and hundreds injured. After this there was a round of kills of stray dogs in Kerala. Of these, about 150 dogs were reported to have died. There is no official data for this number. But after the strictness of the government and the court, the murders of dogs were stopped and the number was not 40 thousand.
Now these pictures that have been associated with this post also have nothing to do with Kerala. The first photo in which dogs are being raised from a lifting machine is from Karachi city of Pakistan. In August, 2016, in Karachi, the government had poisoned about 700 stray dogs. Second photo in which many dogs have died, they are also in this place