पहले कंगना और अब दिशा पटानी के साथ ऋतिक रोशन ने जबरजस्ती किया ऐसा काम के...

Direction Patani had signed a film with Hrithik Roshan, which he has now given up and told the reason Hrithik Roshan and made serious allegations against him, something similar happened to Kangana

According to the media report, Hrithik Roshan was flirtating with Patani in direction with direction Patani in this film. He is also said to be walking on a date from the direction, Ritik said to a close friend of the message. Due to direction the direction was to run on a date
When the direction got Salman Khan's entry into India, the direction showed courage and bypassed Ritika, Tiger also stopped talking to Ritika, being told that Tiger is also very upset with Hrithik, And Tigers tell themselves only friends of each other, but the way chemistry is both seems to be the same.
Earlier, Kangana has also made similar allegations against Ritik, and his case had reached headlines as well as reached the police and kachari. There was much debate about Hrithik with actress Barbara in the film Kites.