साऊथ फिल्मों के इस सुपरस्टार की सड़क हादसे में निधन अन्तिम संस्कार में उ...

Nandmuri Harikrishna, father of the South Indian superstar Junior NTR, died in a road accident on Wednesday. There was a serious injury to his head in the road accident. After which Nandmuri Harikrishna was admitted to the hospital. But the doctors could not save them.

Nandmuri Harikrishna passed away in a road accident near Nalgonda district on Wednesday morning. At the time of the accident, Nandmuri was driving itself. According to reports, Nandmuri was returning from a marriage. Due to the overtake the speeding car divider will be bogged down. Harikrishna went out on the road after the accident, after which they were taken to the hospital but they could not be saved.

Nandmuri Harikrishna was born on September 2, 1956 in Dimmakuru, Andhra Pradesh. In 1964, Nandmuri Harikrishna made a child artist debu as a child artist from the Telugu film 'Shri Krishenavatam'. After this he did 'Talla Pallamma (1970)', 'Tatamma Kala (1974)', 'Ram Rahim (1974)' and 'Danvir Shoor Karna (1977)'.

Nandmuri had two marriages. They have 3 children from their first marriage, two sons Jaanki Ram and Kalyan Ram and a daughter Suhasini. His second marriage has a son from Junior NTR.