माँ ने की अपने ही सगे बेटे से शादी फिर हुआ ये काम कारण जानकर हो जायेंगे ...

Children's hearts are innocent and clean. There is no deceit or fraud. One child Logan caught up with his mother that he would marry his mother. Now, who is moving ahead of Balhat and understanding this as the last wish of the child The family is also giving along. Actually the child is a few days old guest.Yes, Logan is suffering from genetic disorder lucodistrophy and is a guest of a short time.

Logan's family lives in London's Lincolnshire. Fairytale Wedding was organized to fulfill this wish of the son. Mother Jolien Princess Bunny and Logan King of the Day The wedding was on the theme of 'Beauty and the Beast' and was arguably a fake marriage. However, the ceremony was a reality and invited the whole family, relatives and friends.

Rather than swear in marriage and promise, the mother promised to protect the son and always stay together. This moment was very emotional for Logan's mother Jolien. All the guests present in this unique wedding were also showing eye sight. Jolien says, 'This is a very emotional moment for me.

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