उंगली चटकाने वाले लोग हो जाये सावधान देख ले ये विडिओ नहीं तो पछताओगे

Grip fingers is considered bad for us people. Even in our homes, elderly people also often refuse to pull fingers, their logic is different. He explains that the bones become weak, the dark circles fall under the eyes or it is wrong, it is bad.

The reason for cutting fingers is also, as if there is a machine, in the same way our body is attached as knee. The space in which there is a fluid called the sinowe is done, it does the same thing as the machines that are in Greece. Bone graft comes when when carbon dioxide is found in any fluid, bubbles are formed in fingers, when we turn or bend them, they bubble, and this is why the sound of the fingers gets cracked. See a picture here trying to shoot a few fingers.

Although the fingers are all cluttered, sometimes they arise in the morning, there is no flexibility in the body body, so we take our body in order to get our body hydrated. Like fingers are pressed. One thing is also that once the fingers burst, once the bubble bursts, then why does not the sound come after it is because the carbon dioxide that dissolves in the liquid is dissolving once for a second time. It takes half an hour. It is said that this is dangerous for bones. It is really the right thing to do. Taking this thing lightly can make you all ineffective. There have been many research on this, a report also shows that bones are linked to ligaments.

Repeated fingers are repeated in the middle of which the cynovil is liquid, it starts decreasing. Now if it is completely eliminated then arthritis can also happen, coupled with joints repeatedly, if we hold on the bones, it also decreases. Although the University of California researched it. It is not proved from every research that the finger injury has been done by every research, but every research indicates that by cutting fingers like this, bones may have some problems.

So this was the sound logic of the fingers. We have told you the answer to science.